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About Us

Building Philosophy and Capabilities

As full millwork shop we can handle most wood and metal projects. Our specialty is using reclaimed lumber because of the unique nature that the finished piece achieves from the aged materials that go into it. We do not seek to compete with standard products that can be mass produced oversees. Our goal is quality and something unique that cannot be mass produced. We do not aim to be the cheapest, but we strive to provide sensible value and lasting quality.

You choose the level of character and species of wood that you like. We will sort and grade our lumber to meet your preferences for color and texture. Our specialty is to keep the beauty of reclaimed lumber but not have the customer sacrifice quality or have difficulty with the install due to the rugged nature of reclaimed materials. For this reason most of our products are engineered or taken from original old boards and through a milling and gluing process reformed into a structurally sound yet still beautiful piece of work.

Our millwork is a snapshot of history. Each board that we mill is a page out of a storybook. Most of our material comes from barns in the Northwest that crews have salvaged. These barns have many tales to tell. It is not unusual to be using wood from a barn that is a 100 years old.

Many of the farmers that we talked to have told us that their grandfather was a child when the barn was built. When you look at one of our reclaimed wood doors you can almost hear the stories pop out of the old wood. Many artifacts show up in the barns during demolition. Sometimes our metal detectors find bullets in the wood. One time we found a bullet in a board that was shot when it was still a tree; the wood had grown around the bullet and left no hole. Imagine how long ago this happened? The barn it came from was built at the turn of the century.

Our doors are built entirely out of reclaimed lumber unless the customer specifies otherwise. The wood we use is salvaged from turn of the century industrial buildings, barns, fences, and outbuildings that otherwise would have been destined to rot, burn, or go to the landfill. Our business is not a demolition business. The barns are carefully taken down so that each individual barn board can be saved. Most of the structures come from farmers that are thankful to have them removed because they were a hazard and beyond repair. We encourage people to save, restore and protect historic landmarks; it is not our purpose to compromise our quest to find beautiful wood by taking down a building that should be protected.

The following are some advantages of using reclaimed lumber: stable and dry material, beauty that cannot be manmade or duplicated, individual, unique, tight grain, responsible use of resources, saving materials from being wasted, points for LEED certification from USGBC, made local entirely in the USA with American employees and materials, species and grading that are not commercially available, and timeless beauty like an art piece.

Not all reclaimed lumber looks like barn wood. Barn lumber can come in various patinas from blond to deeply weathered and stained. Most of our local lumber in Idaho is pine and fir, but we have regular sources for hardwoods such as oak, chestnut, elm, cherry, walnut, hickory, ash, and maple.

Some customer's projects don't lend themselves to the rustic appearance of reclaimed lumber. If that is the case, let us sort our lumber to grade according to your preference, or we can order FSC certified lumber such CVG fir or clear maple. We can satisfy the most discriminating tastes between an old barn door to a contemporary, flat panel with clear grain door. We consider every order a custom order and design it specifically for the customer’s taste. If you don’t see what you want in our gallery, don’t be afraid to ask for something different.

During the ordering process we provide very detailed bids and drawings. Specifications are very clearly spelled out prior to any work being done. Our goal is a fully satisfied customer. We guarantee your product will arrive in sound condition, and we stand behind our quality with our warranty. We build our product with such strict quality controls, though, you should never have to worry about using the warranty.

Most of our product is shipped out of state with the majority going across the country to the East Coast. Customers find that we provide great value and service. We will ship straight to your home, jobsite, business, or have it held at a shipping terminal. Delivery is done by enclosed van freight carriers. When considering the cost of the product, freight is usually an insignificant part of the total costs. We must collect sales tax for deliveries in Idaho.


A little bit of history about our company founded by Titus Gilliam in Boise, Idaho in 2003. Titus had been in the building industry and was dissatisfied with the quality and nature of homes being built, so as a general contractor Gilliam quickly made his mark as a leader in the Energy Star program and custom home market. A customer should not have to compromise value or quality when building a home; a home built with durable materials will last and be tasteful for years to come.

Therefore, we sought out suppliers who could provide custom millwork that was a little different than the import materials that every other builder was using. Unable to find quality doors, trim, and flooring at a sensible price, Titus Gilliam started his own manufacturing facility in 2005, which has now evolved into a full line of reclaimed lumber products. We have strict quality standards due to our own discriminating taste.

Our company is run as small business with a family atmosphere. Reclaimed Lumber Products is truly grateful for our quality team of employees and long list of happy customers. We do not want to grow so big that when the customer calls the person answering the phone doesn’t know the answer. Customers have a right to prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable service.

We have shipped product all over the United States and Canada.

Green and Environmental Standards

Now that the green building movement has taken off, our business has found new markets. Our company was "green" before it became the latest popular term. We did not invent a product to be part of the green movement after it took off. We had been doing the right thing all long by building energy efficient, sustainable homes and reusing materials. The original purpose to build doors from barn boards was not necessarily to be part of the green building movement, but rather, the wood was so beautiful that we loved the results.

Our feeling is that one should not have to give up good taste, quality, value, or a rich look to build with green products. You can have both beauty and feel good about the environment when you purchase millwork made by Reclaimed Lumber Products. We also believe that the key ingredient to building responsible and sustainable is to use quality, timeless materials that will not wear out or go out of style. You can feel content about your purchase when you order custom millwork from us that is made especially for you.

Fortunately, Reclaimed Lumber Product's custom doors, wood flooring, and millwork match well with green architecture. Since our doors are made entirely from recycled content they contribute to LEED points such as recycled content and low VOC product. Whether you are building under the USGBC or the NAHB program, we can make green building materials to suit your project.

Here is a highlight of some of our key environmentally conscious decisions.

  • You can choose to have our stile and rail doors entirely made from recycled content, except for eight ½ x5” dowels and the glue.
  • Our main glue that we use for assembly is water based cross-link PVA. The brand is ROO Superbond. It is NAUF and VOC free upon curing. We do use a little polyurethane glue in the dowel holes only. The rest of the door is natural reclaimed lumber. The doors are sent with no finish.
  • Our engineered flooring is made with a 6mm wear layer of recycled wood and the backer is 12mm FSC Pure certified birch plywood. The plywood is Carb 2 compliant.
  • One of the reasons we created such a diverse product line was to better utilize our raw materials. We increase our yield and lowered our waste factor.  We have invented product lines that can utilize product that would previously been waste.  Now our only waste is chips and chunks shorter than a foot long.
  • Just a side note on shipping- We’ve had green customers concerned about shipping. It costs us more to ship to a neighboring town 100 miles away than across the country. Diesel fuel drives the cost of shipping. In my opinion, shipping on a common carrier uses less diesel than some people requesting special delivery locally.
  • Our Nampa shop is on a rural acreage with well and septic. The only use of water is a restroom for employees and occasionally cleaning outside equipment and boards with pressure washer. Our shop is a very small footprint for the amount of sales and product that we produce. Our conditioned space is only 2800 square feet. We cool w/ fans sucking in outside air at night in the summer. Our machinery and dust collection equipment generate enough heat that we only have to turn on the heat about 3 months out of the year. In our growth plan at a new facility that we built in Emmett, we will have a boiler that burns our waste wood to heat our shop; currently all the waste goes through grinder into the dust collection bin. This sawdust is used for animal bedding and nurseries.
  • When we built our new facility in Emmett, we utilized our own recycled building materials.  So the shop is clad with reclaimed oak siding and old, rusty corrugated roofing metal.   One of our most interesting designs is a structure that utilized repurposed shipping containers as the walls and storage for a large shed.
  • Most of our machinery runs on 3 phase power which is more efficient than standard single phase service.

Wood is one of the most rapidly renewable building materials there is. So many of the alternative floor coverings and doors are no longer made with natural materials. We love the thought of you choosing our wood floor over vinyl or a solid wood door over fiberglass. Surprisingly you won’t hear us making disparaging remarks about materials made with virgin wood materials. We still support a consciences logging industry and believe there is room in the marketplace for both our recycled wood products and ones made from virgin materials. Usually our product made from reclaimed materials will always cost more than a similar product made from virgin materials because of the difficult labor that goes into handling the old reclaimed boards. Sometimes we surprise our customers by telling them that they need to appreciate our product for more reasons than just the fact that it was made from recycled content. They need to also appreciate the beauty and quality.


Through our ordering process we usually send samples, drawings and pictures of the product so the customer can achieve a level of comfort with their order. We truly understand that it is big decision for some people.

We respect the privacy of our clients, so we do not hand out previous customers’ names without their permission first. Most likely we have a past customer in your area, so if you would like to talk to a reference we will arrange for you to get their information.